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Cedar & Vine

Cedar & Vine is a slow fashion brand that creates women's clothing in Canada.

Crave Cupcakes

Crave Cupcakes was founded by Carolyne McIntyre Jackson and Jodi Willoughby in 2004. They created a chain of six bakeries that current employ 100 people. They are spread throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. They also sell baking mixes, cookie dough, frosting, and decorating kits.

Good Spirit Kombucha

Good Spirit Kombucha was founded on a love of whole foods and being a part of the local food community in 2017. It is brewed in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Hillberg & Berk Jewellery

Hillberg & Berk Jewellery was founded in 2007 at the founder's kitchen table. The brand is based in Regina, Saskatchewan and is centered around connecting and empowering women.

Lux and Dae

Lux and Dae was started in 2015 and is based in Rocanville, Saskatchewan. They started out making baby moccasins, but have expanded to include baby purses, hair clips, sunglasses, etc.

Rampage Coffee Co.

Rampage Coffee Co. is a family-owned brand that creates micro-batch roasted specialty coffee. They pride themselves on having a roast that is both strong and smooth. They are based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Uncle Mike’s All Natural Products

Uncle Mike’s All Natural Products was created by a climber who wanted more out of the natural salve he used to repair his dry and damaged hands. All of their products contain 100% all natural ingredients and are vegan-friendly are made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  • Organic
  • Vegan