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ALTR makes 100% natural soap with organic ingredients. It is palm-oil free, and vegan. All of the main botanical elements are grown or responsibly wildcrafted and then brewed into a nourishing infusion that acts as a base for each bar.

  • Organic
  • Vegan

B*jeweled Vintage

B*jeweled Vintage is handmade by designer Tammy Bastin. Based in Waterdown, ON, B*jeweled makes vintage jewellery, but their claim to fame are the pieces where they incorporate custom maps into jewellery and accessories including map wine stoppers, keychains, bookmarks, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and cuff links.


Since 1979, Baffin has manufactured products in Stoney Creek, Ontario. It is a brand focused on producing technically advanced, high quality footwear and apparel.

Beanermunky Chocolate

Beanermunky Chocolate makes small batch Artisan Chocolates in Dundas, Ontario.

  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan

Blackbird Studios

Blackbird Studios is a Canadian Designer Label, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Designers Kerry Wade and Lynn Bebee have been part of Canada's burgeoning fashion, arts and culture scene for the past 2 decades. Many of the Blackbird Studios fabrics are exclusive to the label. Digital and screen prints are inspired by the designer's imagination.

Chef Felton

Felton Brushes is a Canadian owned and operated business that has been manufacturing all of their products in Hamilton, ON since 1933. They use Canadian hardwood for the handles and superior quality bristles that will not break.

Cithara Guitars Inc.

Cithara Guitars is a Custom Guitar Shop located in Hamilton Ontario. They offer a full line of hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars, as well as repairs and restorations. They also allow their customers to enjoy the experience of designing and building their custom guitar one on one with a luthier through the hands on clinic.

Dutchman's Gold

Dutchman's Gold is a family-founded business based in Carlisle, ONtario. Their products are all made with honey products.

  • Organic
  • Paleo

Ellingwood Soap

Ellingwood Soap is a small husband and wife team that make all natural soap, candles and body care products based in Hamilton Ontario.v

Escarpment Kombucha Co.

Escarpment Kombucha Co. makes small-batch fermented tea and is committed to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Handcrafted in Hamilton, ON.

  • Organic

Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels makes personalized labels for school, daycare, home and camp supplies. Their labels are durable and microwave, laundry and dishwasher safe.


Mettamade is a brand started by a mother-daughter duo based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Miska Trailers

Miska Trailer Factory is a utility trailer manufacturer based in Hamilton, Ontario. Since 1994, they have grown to become the recognized leader in the utility trailer manufacturing industry. All trailers are sold directly through Miska, cutting the dealers out of the loop and ensuring the most cost effective pricing.


One:One manufactures functional fitness equipment from standard designs or custom conception to final product using the best materials made exclusively in North America.