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Ang Hill

Founded in 2018 by Edmontonian, Angie Johnson (formerly Angie Hillaby), Ang Hill is an ethical women’s clothing brand inspired by the power of femininity and the pursuit of passion.

Apollo Strength

Apollo Strength is a fitness equipment brand located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Arturo Denim Co.

Arturo Denim Co. is a Canadian-manufactured jeans line based in Edmonton, Alberta.


Bladeflex is a posture-training device that is designed to correct bad posture by re-training your muscle memory to provide lasting health benefits that can be achieved through movements.

Boocha Kombucha

Built on a DIY ethic, Boocha Kombucha launched in 2017. It is owner operated and production is in Edmonton.

Printable Minds

Printable Minds creates paintings and wooden art rooted in the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. Some of their works have been featured in the Royal Alberta Museum, the Calgary Downtown Public Library, and Vancouver Public Library.

Sunny Boy Foods

Sunny Boy Foods is a Canadian company that produces flours, breakfast cereals, pancakes. Sunny Boy Foods support small farming practices by buying from local area farmers and milling flour in Camrose, AB.

  • Organic

Sweet Lollapalooza

Sweet Lollapalooza produces fresh chocolates made by hand, using only the best ingredients, including some of the rarest chocolate on earth. They don't add preservatives, extra sugars and other additives that give mass-produced chocolate an extra-long shelf life.