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AdrianMartinus was founded in 2012 by brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool in 2012. Working in their parents’ garage they began turning hardwood flooring and broken skateboards, many of which were generously donated by local skate shops, into art pieces and home décor.

Atelier B

atelier b really believes in local production. Currently, all of their products that are not made in their own workshop are made within 10km of it. They make a line of clothing for men, women, and babies. They also make various home products.


ChopValue makes office products, decor, homewares, and gifts from repurposed chopsticks.

Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts makes a children's toy set for building play structures big enough to crawl into and play. Just cover with bedsheets and they have a cool new fort.

Michaud Toys

Michaud Toys has been making heirloom quality wooden toys since 1984. They started out in rural Saskatchewan and are now located in Jarvis, Ontario. They now are focused on making a line of traditional wooden board games. The games they make include dice poker, sequence, frustration rummy, rummoli, marble & cards, marble & dice, baseball, football, cribbage, crokinole, checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, code breaker, conoquer, dice sequence, euchre, jack pot, snakes and ladders, dominoe war, go, backgammon, lucky dice, nine men's Morris, solitaire, etc.

Pure Muskoka

Pure Muskoka is a cottage lifestyle brand with two retail locations in Bala, Ontario, and Bracebridge, Ontario. They sell a wide range of apparel and cottage decor.