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2nd Shot Recycled Skateboards

2nd Shot Recycled Skateboards is a company based in Grand Valley ON. They make various items like decor, and watches out of repurposed skateboards.


AdrianMartinus was founded in 2012 by brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool in 2012. Working in their parents’ garage they began turning hardwood flooring and broken skateboards, many of which were generously donated by local skate shops, into art pieces and home décor.

Control MFG.

Control MFG. manufactures skateboards in Quebex City. They are also responsible for creating the first indoor skate park in Quebec City.

Kebbek Skateboards

KebbeK Skateboards has been crafting skateboards since 1992 in an effort to create a more defined downhill skateboard experience. The brand created a large impact on the skateboard racing scene for years but with freeride skateboarding taking the spotlight, Kebbek is keeping it real and creating only what dedicated riders want to ride.


Landyachtz makes skateboards and longboards and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Red Dragon Apparel

Red Dragon Apparel makes skateboards and apparel and are based in Burnaby, BC.

TROUBL3 Skateboards

TROUBL3 Skateboards makes skateboards using Canadian sourced materials and sustainable practices. The Canadian Hard Maple used in the boards is locally harvested. They are made in Ontario.


Zenit manufactures their boards in-house. Every board is 100% designed and produced by hand in Montreal, Quebec.