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Arrow it Forward

Arrow it Forward sells handmade candles with premium ingredients and eco-friendliness in mind. The brand has become easily recognizable because of the fun names and descriptions,.

Atelier B

atelier b really believes in local production. Currently, all of their products that are not made in their own workshop are made within 10km of it. They make a line of clothing for men, women, and babies. They also make various home products.


Autmog makes metal pens in Vancouver, BC.


BEDI makes a line of handmade handbags from upcycled leather aircraft seat covers, regenerated fish nets, cactus leather and upcycled seat belts.

Baltic Club

Baltic Club is a stationary and lifestyle brand that also makes candles, kitchenware, home decor and crafts. They highlight different artists each month and sell their exclusive work through limited edition runs.

  • Vegan

Beau Cadeau

Beau Cadeau is a wife who loves knitting and a master carpenter husband. They make baby sweaters, cheeseboards, wall plaques, etc.

Intelligent Change

Intelligent Change creates products that help you realize your potential and live a happier, more fulfilling life. They make a line of journals and productivity planners. Their flagship product is the Five Minute Journal which has been a favourite of celebrities like Emma Watson, Tim Ferriss, Camila Mendes, and many others.

Mimi & August

Ethically made swimwear, clothing and home accessories designed for real people. Sizes XS - 4XL are offered.

  • Organic
  • Vegan

Teeny Weeny Bikini co.

A cottage swimwear and clothing brand for men and women that is comfortable, vintage inspired and flattering.