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Arturo Denim Co.

Arturo Denim Co. is a Canadian-manufactured jeans line based in Edmonton, Alberta.


DUER grew from a gap that athleisure couldn't fill; clothing for anything you want to do in a day - hiking, the office, or out to dinner.

Dutil Denim

Dutil is a retailer of denim. They carry all the best brands and they even have their own line.


Kotn is a certified B Corporation clothing brand with the fourth-highest B Impact Score of apparel brands in North America.

Naked & Famous Denim

Naked and Famous is a Canadian denim company. All of their products are proudly cut, made and sewn in Canada.

Olé Denim

Ole Denim was created by friends in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2013. Ole denim was designed to work in any situation life throws at you.