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Since 1979, Baffin has manufactured products in Stoney Creek, Ontario. It is a brand focused on producing technically advanced, high quality footwear and apparel.


HeyFolks is a line of footwear designed in Canada. Their soft sole shoes are manufactured in Abbotsford, BC. Their sneakers are manufactured in China. Their boxes are made from 100% recycled material, they are 100% recyclable. Our box designs are foldable so they do not require glue or additional plastics to function. Their sneakers contain recycled plastics.

Huddy Buddies

Huddy Buddies makes crocheted footwear for babies and children. They are a family-owned business based in Nanaimo, BC.

Jack & Lily

Jack & Lily make baby and toddler shoes. What started as a new mom sewing shoes for her new baby has turned into a global brand. All of there shoes have 'flex-soles' to stretch and are made with a lightweight rubber soles that is recyclable.

  • Vegan


Kamik has been making footwear in Canada since 1898. They use sustainable manufacturing processes, and even have a recycling program for uses footwear.


Vessi Footwear was created by 3 Vancouverites who were looking for footwear that performed better in rainy weather. Vessi makes waterproof sneakers.

  • Vegan