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AIDE Bodycare

Aide Bodycare is based in Oshawa and creates handmade soap and body products.


AspenClean is a family-owned company born out of a parent’s journey to find a safe and effective alternative to chemical-based cleaning products.

  • Organic


Attitude promotes healthy living and has developed natural personal care and household products dedicated to that goal. Attitude is Canada-based and it's products are Canadian-made. They are focused on sustainability and believe in planting trees to restore the planet.

  • Vegan

Bleu Lavande

Bleu Lavande makes a line of products based around the lavender essential oil.


Borale is a soap brand from Baie-Comeau, Quebec. They make products inspired by the surrounding boreal forest. Their soaps are handmade and pure white, free from dyes, perfumes, and synthetic additives.

Little & Lively

Little & Lively is a line of baby & kid's clothing that is ethically made in Canada out of bamboo/cotton fabric. They use colours and lively prints to express joy and personality through their designs.

  • Paleo
  • Vegan

Tru Earth

Tru Earth is a brand of eco-friendly laundry strips.

  • Paraben-Free
  • Phosphate-Free
  • Vegan