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Artizen Kombucha

Artizen Kombucha has been making Kombucha since 2016. It is a family-run business based in Perth, ON. Production is also in Perth.

Biota Fermentation

Biota Fermentation specializes in 100% vegan, fermented products using natural and traditional preservation techniques to deliver a product rich in both quality and live cultures.

  • Vegan

Boho Soul Kombucha

Boho Soul Kombucha is produced by Boho Soul Market in Minnedosa, Manitoba.

Boocha Kombucha

Built on a DIY ethic, Boocha Kombucha launched in 2017. It is owner operated and production is in Edmonton.

Bucha Brew Kombucha

Bucha Brew is based in Delta, BC and is available in 1500 locations across Canada.

Carlington Booch

Carlington Booch is a social enterprise that brews small-batch kombucha to help fight addiction in Ottawa. The following is an excerpt from Carlington Booch: We provide employment and volunteer opportunities for people coming out of addiction treatment centers and help them “booch” the gap as they become contributing members of society.

Cathy's Kombucha

Cathy’s Kombucha is a family-owned business from Oakville, ON.

Club Kombucha

Club Kombucha makes a line of kombucha beverages and is based in Montreal.

Cove Kombucha

Started out of a kitchen in Nova Scotia, Cove Kombucha was co-founded by brothers Ryan and John. They are 1% For The Planet members, and produce 100% net-carbon neutral cans.

Culture Shock Kombucha

Created by a pair of holistic nutritionists, Culture shock Kombucha is based in Grand Bend, ON. Their kombucha is made with only local, organic and high quality ingredients including Reverse Osmosis water, freshly pressed juice from whole foods and locally sourced tea.

  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Cultured Kombucha

Cultured Kombucha makes a line of Kombucha beverage products and is based in Victoria, BC.

Escarpment Kombucha Co.

Escarpment Kombucha Co. makes small-batch fermented tea and is committed to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Handcrafted in Hamilton, ON.

  • Organic

Good Spirit Kombucha

Good Spirit Kombucha was founded on a love of whole foods and being a part of the local food community in 2017. It is brewed in Regina, Saskatchewan.