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Broil King

Broil King makes barbecues and grilling accessories. It is owned by Onward Manufacturing Company Ltd. and is based in Waterloo. They produce various Broil King models in Waterloo, including Broil King Sovereign, Signet, Monarch, and Gem models as well as European Baron production models. They also have production facilities in Huntington, Indiana and Dickson, Tennessee.

Chef Felton

Felton Brushes is a Canadian owned and operated business that has been manufacturing all of their products in Hamilton, ON since 1933. They use Canadian hardwood for the handles and superior quality bristles that will not break.

Crown Verity

Crown Verity is located in Brantford, ON. They make professional grade mobile grills, outdoor kitchens, handwashing stations, outdoor heaters, and grilling accessories.

Jackson Grills

Founded in 1999, Jackson Grills has grown to be one of Canada's leading specialty grill companies. They make premium stainless steel barbecue grills, outdoor kitchens, and grilling accessories.

Juniper Barbecue Scraper

Juniper BBQ Scraper was originally created to provide a safe, 100% natural, bristle brush alternative. It is handcrafted from 100% Canadian juniper (tamarack) harvested from sustainable forests.


Napoleon is a leading producers of grills, fireplaces, and HVAC products. They are based in Barrie, ON and have manufacturing there. They are one of Canada's Best Managed Companies. They are committed to increasing their portfolio of sustainable products by 250% by 2025.

Oven Brothers Ltd.

Oven Brothers makes wood fired frills, wood fired pizza ovens, charcoal rotisseries, and accessories. They are based in Nepean, ON and manufacture locally.

Requip’d Canada

Requip’d Canada upcycles old hockey sticks and turns them into barbecue utensils and grill scrapers, bottle openers, car snow brushes, Muskoka chairs, golf brushes, and picture frames.

Strobus Forge

Strobus Forge makes things out of metal. Their main product lines included kitchen utensils, grilling spatulas and forks. Most of their products are made from steel and copper. They are based in Saint-Agapit, Quebec.

True Wave Grilling

True Wave Grilling is a family team from Toronto, ON. They make a stainless-steel grill-topper that eliminates flare-ups on the grill that can cause fires or burn the food.