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Authentic Seacoast

Authentic Seacoast is based in Guysborough. They make coffee, beer and various spirits.

Baden Coffee Company

Baden Coffee Company makes small batch roasted coffee in Baden, Ontario.

  • Organic

Cha's Organics

Cha's Organics raw materials, which are grown on biodiverse, small and medium scale organic farms.

  • Organic

Detour Coffee Roasters

Detour Coffee Roasters started in a back alley in Dundas, Ontario, in 2009. They currently have 4 cafes in Dundas, Paris, and two in Hamilton. They also offer a subscription service.


Grosche International started in a basement in 2006. They make a line of coffee and tea and all of the equipment required to make it including, espresso makers, french presses, infusers, water bottles, etc.

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company is located in Huntsville, Ontario. They make whole bean & ground coffee, compostable coffee pods, small batch, decaf, etc.

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters was founded in 2009 with the goal of introducing specialty coffee to Toronto. Pilot built their business around their core values of sourcing ethical, direct trade coffee and building transparency in the process from farm to cup.

Rampage Coffee Co.

Rampage Coffee Co. is a family-owned brand that creates micro-batch roasted specialty coffee. They pride themselves on having a roast that is both strong and smooth. They are based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Salt Spring Coffee

Salt Spring Coffee makes sustainable coffee through long-term partnerships with producers to source organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee. They have been family owned since 1996 and are now based out of their roasting facility in the Greater Vancouver area.

  • Organic

Segovia Coffee Co.

Segovia Coffee is a direct importer of green coffee from Nicaragua. Their coffee beans come from a single-farm from the Matagalpa-Segovia corridor, where the best coffee from Central America is produced.

Stone Temple Coffees

Stone Temple Coffees makes a line of whole bean and ground coffees. They are based in Cherry Valley, Ontario.

  • Organic

Two Bears Coffee

Two Bears Coffee makes a line of coffee beans, frothed oat-milk lattes, flash brews, anad premium oat milks. They are based in Toronto.

  • Dairy-Free
  • Plant-Based